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I hereby create an umbilical cord to Divine Energy

Access a deeper dimension in your life

Welcome. Whatever brings you here.

This is your journey. We are honoured to be your guides. The programs we offer provide a framework for accelerated growth and learning. The focus is on facilitating core shifts, providing direct access to your own wisdom and knowing - through Kundalini yoga, meditation and other breakthrough practices. Create an unshakeable connection to your inner compass.

Experience the joy of being you.

The teachings will meet you where you are at.

For example ...

  • You are at a turning point looking for ways to open up your life. You ‘ve never done yoga or any spiritual practice but you are open to try in order to better navigate the waters of change.
  • You’ve done some classes, followed some workshops here and there. You’ve had some amazing experiences with yoga but somehow it doesn’t stick. You'd like to make it a more permanent practice and you'd like to understand the context of what happened for you better.
  • You’ve practiced Kundalini Yoga for some time and you know how powerful it is. Now you are ready to dive deeper, learn more about this ancient technology, as an exploration for yourself and/or to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher.
  • You have a steady practice of yoga and meditation. You’ve explored different styles and traditions. But there is a nagging feeling that there is more to discover. You are looking for ways to align your yoga practice and your life experience.
  • And maybe you just have this strong sense of "this is for me" or a completely different motivation ...

Trust your impulse.

To begin the Journey

Do a 1 year kundalini yoga training with us
in Berlin or The Netherlands

A 6 week online programme for change in consciousness & spiritual power

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