10 Kundalini Yoga Youtube classes to energise you - (ARCHIVED - this is no longer current)

If you want to learn about kundalini yoga youtube is a good place to start. Here are some excellent videos for beginners. Please be advised that the full benefits of kundalini yoga poses and sets are only experienced through the guidance and presence of a true teacher. This will also prevent any dangers the practice might have, if you do not have a a qualified guide to mentor you. The best way to find a teacher is to search google for “kundalini yoga near me” and trust that whoever comes on your path is the right teacher for kundalini yoga classes for you.

But if you are curious about it, youtube is a good place start for beginners. By doing the practices outlined in these videos you will get much more energy. You will also receive many other benefits, as kundalini yoga is a complete system that also includes kundalini yoga music (mantra singing) and kundalini yoga meditation. Simply type ‘kundalini youtube’, ‘youtube kundalini, ‘youtube kundalini yoga class’ or ‘kundalini yoga meditation youtube’ to get going.

Inspiring kundalini yoga teachers today are Anne Novak, Gurmukh and Guru Jagat, and they are all direct or indirect students of Yogi Bhajan, who popularised kundalini yoga in the West. But now, without further ado, here are the kundalini videos you have been waiting for..

1. Stretch Pose: a fundamental exercise for beginners and advanced students alike

One of the fundamental kundalini yoga poses is Stretch pose. It is unique to kundalini yoga. It is a hard exercise, especially in the beginning. But it is quite safe, and progress is fast. Also, any effort you put in, will return to you ten fold.

2. Frogs: another basic exercise to get the energy moving

Frogs are great to dissipate an excess of sexual energy throughout the rest of the body, making it available for other endeavours.

3. Breath of fire: Kundalini Yoga’s most essential pranayama

Anne Novak teaches Breath of Fire. It is one of the basic breaths in kundalini yoga. The main advantage is that transformation happens quicker, and the body is quickly energised.

4. The mother of all kriyas: Sat Kriya

The inimitable Carolyn Cowan teaches Sat Kriya workout, another kundalini yoga fundamental that offers a complete transformation of energy.

5. Learn to handle stress more efficiently with this one minute meditation

Yogi Bhajan, the master himself, teaches a simple exercise to relieve stress

6. Sodarshan Chakra Kriya: The crown on all kundalini meditation

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya is a self-blessing meditation that will take your out of depression. It is not for beginners as it is quite hard, and it should be supported by the practice of a proper kundalini yoga kriya. It you try it, start for 5 minutes and build it up from there.

7. Kriya to master your domain

If we want to change our life, we must take control of our inner domain. This complete kundalini yoga kriya taught by the wonderful Anne Novak, will help you to take control over your life and experience.

8. If you want to change, practice this set for the navel point

Kamilla teaches nabhi kriya. Nabhi kriya is the master key for transformation. Practice it and you will know it.

9. Transform your sexual energy to the higher centres of consciousness

Transforming the lower to the higher triangle is one of the most advanced sets in all of “kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. It is also one of the most transformative and it will propel you into the highets spiritual reals in no time. You will not control hunger, thirst and sexuality if you practice this seriously.

10. Gurmukh’s meditation to stay young

If we can learn from anyone, it is from the never old 70 years young Gurmukh.