Yoga and Sex

Yogi Bhajan talks about, yoga, sex and emotions, and how the mind must be capable of producing trust. This is done through applied consciousness as we find in Kundalini Yoga. We must identify not with this or with that, but with totality. The mind can do this, and mind and happiness are completely related, and yoga can sync them.

Yogic self hypnosis and sex: how it works

By yourself, for yourself, into yourselves start pouring the glandular juice by your own mental command. Thou shall command your own mind to ask all glandular system to obey. Thou shall ask all physical tissues, cells, atoms to start dancing in a harmonious triangular and tri-circular self. Now, use your hypnotic mind to become stronger, stronger and stronger. Feel elevated hypnotically, elevated, elevated. I am, I am, very slow.

Yogi Bhajan

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More about yoga and sexuality

When we think about yoga and sexuality we often think of tantric practices, or the opposite, celibate monks. Yoga has a sex positive attitude.

But there is certainly something to be gained and learned by harnessing your sexual power and making your mind resist masturbation especially when practicing yoga.

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