Become immune … to fear

A call to remember for those who walk the earth

We are currently all moving through our own perception of uncertainty. I definitely have been experiencing waves of fear and anxiety over the last few weeks. And at the same time, moments of deep connection, possibility, and overflowing love.

What tipped the scales was an exchange with a good friend of mine. She has the beautiful gift of seeing behind the obvious. Energetic perception she calls it. We had not been in touch for a while. “Do you know how beautiful COVID 19 is?” was the first thing she said when we eventually met (which was still possible then). She literally had been looking “into it,” its structure and its message. She spoke about the virus with so much clarity and softness.

My entire being relaxed instantaneously. It felt like receiving a code much needed in these times, times evoking collective trauma of earlier pandemics and devastating wars, and yet unprecedented in what is unfolding for us as a humanity.

There is nothing to fight. We can drop our defenses. That is what I received, and that is what created the deep relaxation. Certainly, I am not the only one. After initial shock waves running through our veins, this message is coming through for many of us in one form or another.

We are called to remember, to remember who we are: relational beings in relation with everything.

Interestingly enough, connection is indeed our best protection. The thymus gland, which plays a significant role in immunity, works according to this principle. It is also called the gland of childhood, because it is related to growth, and is connected to the way that we learn to differentiate the world as a child.

The thymus is involved in determining which cells are ‘self’ or not-self.’ On the psychic level, we are continually negotiating the borders of Self and not-Self. And when we can incorporate yet again another part of not-self into the Self, we can speak of self-initiation. And this concept of embracing that which is not us, and accommodating this larger force is what the thymus is representative of. The way that the thymus develops the possibilities of the physical body of a child, in harmony with its environment, the psychical Self is developed and extended with an ever-expanding meaning we can give to our experiences. You could say, the more we stop seeing life as a threat, we need to defend against, the stronger our immune system becomes.

Immunity, essentially, is about how much we can allow “in”. How much of that which is yet unknown to us, are we able to accommodate for in ways that serve us? The virus is an invitation to open up radically – foremost to ourselves. How can we get to know ourselves all over again? How can we be fully embodied? How can we honor the relationship with ourselves, all of humanity, our planet, and the cosmos? How to develop an inner intelligence that is not about gaining control but a process of unfolding and awakening an internal strength by accessing integrity, coherence and balance.

From a holistic health view the lungs, for example, which are impacted by the virus the most, can be strengthened by good relations, good relations in a very literal sense: Do we connect with the earth and the sun on a daily basis? Do we breathe to our full capacity? Are we aware of inner conflicts and have a routine to lovingly dissolve them? Do we have ways to express our vital life energy or are we holding back?

Openness is the source of our being.

We are here as co-creators with all of life. We are born to see beyond the form, to see through material reality. Indigenous people, for example, run through the desert for three nights and days without stopping because they know how to follow the energy pathways of the earth.

Our bodies are dynamic interplays of relationships within and without, living processes. They are extensions of billions of years of a planetary process just waiting to be embraced. Our natural state of being is to be connected with a constant flow of knowing. The moment we get fixed to a certain form, we fall ill.

How can we exist in this dynamically, aligned state, and stop relating to spiritual practice as yet another means to achieve something,  let go of something or simply cope with a life that does not make sense? What if we start practicing in another way, practice to condition ourselves to hold awareness in the physical. To build the capacity to hold the totality of consciousness. Practice to be in communication with everything at all times.

Being empty of independent identity, I am full of interconnected existence.

The more we can hold this knowing, the more knowledge will flow through us. What if there has never been a higher and lower mind, and the ego was just a loving way to hold ourselves together until we are able to dwell in consciousness permanently? What if we drop the notion of ego? What if we stop fighting our minds? What if we do not need more confrontational practices and shadow work? What if we simply started connecting?

Allowing the birth of a new earth through us. Moving light energy through our bodies. Holding the vision of a peaceful planet in the purity of our consciousness.

These times have been predicted. Now we’re in it. Let’s dedicate our practice to becoming fully human. Let’s hold space for mother earth awakening just as mother earth has been holding space for us unconditionally.

With love, Guru Deva