Return to the Garden

Incubating a new vision for our planet

No guru, no method, no teacher, just you and I and nature, and the father and the son and the holy ghost in the garden, wet with rain. This is the chorus line from the song “In the Garden” by van Morrison first released in 1986. 

This song, to me, always has been a healing song, a song of reconciliation. The garden is not a forbidden ground despite what we have been told for 2000 years.

Thrown into a world which we perceive as meaningless, Paradise Lost, we have been driven to re-establish a sense of belonging and purpose. We’ve done everything to be in control of an environment we learned to experience as threatening and unpredictable. The approaches to our search changed over time, the drive remained – and resulted in creations of stunning beauty and creations of outrageous atrocity, ugliness and megalomania. We’ve looked for methods, teachers, and gurus, and we’ve found many. They had different names at different times and led us down different roads. Some worth traveling, some not? Maybe, who can say? Eventually, there is no wrong road, if you understand your path and what your journey has been about.

Paradise lost?

So here we are, in April 2020, amid a pandemic. We call it a crisis. Corona-Crisis. Haven’t we been in crisis for long? All the things we stopped doing because of the virus, are things we must no longer do. To a large extend, we’ve been aware of that for decades. The virus reveals the full picture laying bare dead-end roads going in every direction, paved by mass consumption. Li Edelkoort, an intuitive thinker and visionary, recently said in an interview (Dutch) that 2020 would be the year where we can eventually measure the positive impact of a relatively short period of economic idleness on the health of our planet. And it is enormous! Here are just two recent examples to illustrate the almost immediate effect of the lockdown: The Himalayan Mountain tops are visible for the first time in 30 years. Los Angeles has the cleanest air of any major city in the world for the first time. The earth starts breathing again…

We are in an in-between space, a portal, a gateway between worlds, the visible and the invisible. As spirit energy is beginning to take form and becomes visible for all to see, feel, sense, and even hear, smell, and taste. 

Do not let market principles co-opt this moment.

This is a very significant point in time for the future of our planet. Therefore, do not let market principles co-opt this moment. Refuse to define yourself by what you can produce right now. Stop measuring your worth by how effective you can be. Permit your weary heart to come back to its rhythm, the intimate pulsing of your inner knowing. 

We are indeed in a period of incubation. Not so much of the virus: it has been increasing in size in our collective body for long, and now it finally produces the effects of the disease. We’re out of balance. There is no denying. This period of lockdown invites us to hatch the future, become transparent, porous, and permeable – until the egg is ready to break. 

It’s spring, and the earth shows us how – if we’re willing to see. It is rejoicing, bringing forth the new. Birds sing their most beautiful songs, flowers are blossoming, and animals lovingly introduce their newborns to life on our planet. While the sun enlightens and warms all of life radiating her love unconditionally into this world. The creation energy here on our planet is in continuous motion towards the new, nothing remains as it was, and yet all is in balance, always.

Life cannot be consumed.

There is a difference between (mass) production and creation. Creation is multidimensional. No production chain can re-fabricate the wholeness of life. Life cannot be consumed. Life has its roots in the invisible, and the visible is an expression of this. Every act of creation is an act of acknowledging the source of all. 

Lately, enjoying my very own hatching moments, I remembered two documentaries about the Kogi, the last surviving civilisation from the world of the Inca and Aztec. Aluna is a 2012 documentary to the 1990 BBC documentary From the Heart of The World: Elder Brother’s Warning in which, for the first time, they reached out to communicate with the Younger Brother, us, the inhabitants of the Western World.

Their cities are untouched by modern life. The mountain they inhabit is an isolated triangular pyramid, the highest coastal peak on earth. It is on a separate tectonic plate from the Andes, and its unique structure means that it is virtually a micro-cosmos, a mirror of the planet, with all the world’s climates represented. They say that we, the younger brother have no understanding of the forces we are unleashing because we lack reverence for the source, the mother, Aluna. We ignore the connection that exists between all things – that exists far beyond the visible. Their entire civilisation has been built around the principle of remembering the source.

To make sure the subtle thread between the visible and the invisible will always be acknowledged and honoured, their spiritual leaders, the manos (the enlightened ones), spent their first 18 years in darkness, lovingly taken care of by the community. Their mothers come to feed them. The Elders come to tell them about the earth and its beauty – but they cannot go outside. This is their period of incubation. They must remain in the dark to establish a deep bond with the one thought that shapes and maintains reality, which they call Aluna. “She spins the thread, spinning us all into the story, creating us in thought,” the Kogis say. In that way, the manos conceive the world in their consciousness, and the very moment they leave the cave, all of life, within an instant, unfolds before them. They completely understand how things are connected. No figuring things out, no analysing, no measuring – just knowing, direct knowing. 

Spinn the Golden Threat – Increase consciousness on the Earth

They’ve been reaching out to us twice in the 1990s and again in 2012. The BBC documentaries illustrate their struggle, and at the same time their sincere wish to communicate with us and let us see what they see. This results in touching encounters of worlds strikingly drifting apart. Thus, they have chosen as a last resort to make this web of interconnectedness visible by linking unique sites along the shores of Columbia and the mountains with a Golden Thread, hoping that we will finally understand the consequences of our actions. Yet, still, their endeavour hardly is appreciated. Communication between the scientific community and them is almost impossible. Even the BBC reporter, who spent much time with the Kogis, remains doubtful. ‘We need more proof. People will not believe us,’ he insists. Only when he returns for a last bath in the river of the Kogi mountains his journey reveals itself fully to him. Months he has been walking together with the Kogis to layout the Golden Threat when eventually this exhausting act infused his entire being with the Golden Lines of connection, and we see him lighten up. 

Now it is our time to spin the Golden Thread, laying it out as healing balm over the wounds we have inflicted, within and without. Now is our time to see. Instead of looking for physical evidence that can prove that certain things have happened, we can register changes by being in contact with the invisible. Li Edelkoort, says in the interview I’ve mentioned earlier: I finally can see again. Things point back to their origin.

Let’s meet in the garden. Remembering that we’ve always been innocent. Let’s meet as Creatures all in rapture who found the key to our souls, as van Morrison puts it. The earth is a pure planet, a place where everything good can succeed for those who are ready to live a life of love and harmony. By creating and living new experiences, expressing the Divine in the physical, we are helping others to remember and increase consciousness on the earth for the benefit of all.

Blessings, Guru Deva

Here is a message from the Kogi manos from 6 April 2020 reaching out to us. I just found it and thought you might want to read it, too.