Discharging in the Digital Age

Back to the continuity of life instead of being wired for change

What if you allowed a moment of wonder with the earth today? What would that look like? 

Why not take a minute now to allow for this vibrational exchange, experiencing the purity of this offering? To receive the earth with innocence – leaning into what is occurring for you, in this very instant.

Oneness is a natural lived experience. We do not need to create it. 

A moment of wonder with the earth. Right now. 

Whatever this looks like for you, allowing the purity of this encounter brings forth a simple, yet profound realisation. The realisation that oneness is a natural lived experience. When you choose to experience the wonder, the earth will reveal itself to you – as a consciousness. An exchange of living conscious energy takes place where you participate fully in a living universe. It is profound because it takes you beyond the polarities of exploitation and conservation —there is no need to take sides. The medicine of awareness is the most powerful healing force – for you and the earth. You and she are made of the same fabric. To sit, lie, or walk upon her surface is to be able to think more deeply and to feel more intensely. It is soothing, strengthening, cleansing, awakening, all at once. The earth will not only support you but also start communicating with you, full of appreciation for your loving attention. And you will begin to heal the earth with your presence. Our relationship with the planet we live on is rooted in oneness. It is a relationship of mutual balancing. 

Your body and the cosmic body are the same.

Everything we call the environment is our body. Your biological rhythms are a physical expression of the earth spinning on its axis. We are rhythmic beings pulsating with the movements of the earth and the entire cosmos. If you disconnect from your cosmic body, you disconnect from the harmonic symphony playing out in you – or in other words, life unfolding through you. 

There is a coherence of frequencies throughout all dimensions. Most of us have not taken this into consideration, living our lives here on earth. 

They’ve found out, for example, that grounding improves vagal tone in babies who’ve been born prematurely. Their heart rates stabilised. And their vagal tone increased by 67 percent with grounding. The vagus nerve, which controls the vagal tone, is responsible for bringing the body back to homeostasis, its natural state, you could say.

We’re wired the wrong way.

What is true for premature babies, who came to earth with their physical bodies not fully developed, is true for most of us, in particular when it comes to the functioning of our nervous systems. The ‘future shock’ of the Digital Age has been causing our evolutionary biology to short-circuit. We’ve lost track of who we are and how to relate to the world naturally. Not only did we accept – mostly unconsciously – this ‘short-circuit mode’ as our new normal. We even feed off a certain ‘wiredness,’ which essentially is an electric overcharge continually running through our veins and distancing us from the one flow of consciousness. 

Understanding comes through illumination.

It is time for us to release this ‘electronic discord’ as it is distorting not only our biology but our very sense of identity. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies need recalibrating to receive the accelerated frequencies of consciousness now streaming into the earth plane. The journey of the earth is our journey as much as it is hers. While she is ascending, all that has been lost will be redeemed. All that has been hidden has been unconscious, will be illuminated, and can then be understood. Illumination, the act of shining the light (of consciousness) on something, is the only way to understand truly. 

We are part of an increasingly bright wave of light on the planet. Every shock wave of change is another invitation to recalibrate through acknowledging the light in us and understanding that change is not an external threat but lies at the core of our being. We are not fixed. We have no limit as we belong to the One consciousness as much as the earth does. 

Reciprocity is the currency of consciousness.

The more we ‘unwire,’ the more we keep developing this subtle sensitivity to our being, sensing our own vibration. Then the need to use our bodies through our five senses to interpret life falls away. Our flow becomes vast, and we come into existence, a conscious being, coherent, self-sustaining, and intentional. We start honouring our beginning. We become the living principles of consciousness. This is the exchange the earth is yearning for. 

Become an ally of evolution. Come to real existence.

To be an ally of evolution, it is not so much about imagining a better future but being an inspiring presence. Walking barefoot on the earth, greeting people with a smile along the way, maybe?