When you reach a place where ‘more yoga’ doesn’t help you anymore

Dear friends, 

Universal Rays Healing has been my saving grace in times where Kundalini Yoga did not work anymore. 

This is not my story alone. I have seen this dynamic so many times. Stopping people in their tracks. 

The notion of walking a spiritual path can lure us into the idea that we are going somewhere. But our practice keeps us confined to the arena of achievements. 

Not because the practice is wrong, but because our minds have their own agenda. They appropriate whatever we do to keep the carefully constructed (spiritual) identity intact – suggesting that we’re traveling down the road of self-improvement while THEY hold the reigns AND determine the destination. 

No doubt, regular practice makes us stronger, more focused, and calmer. It even teaches the mind to observe its agendas.

But I have seen over and over again that well-meaning people get stuck in a loop of self-judgment. 

I cannot count the times students said to me I am still doing this and that. I am still not…whatever they think they should be.

They become masters at dissecting themselves—more work to be done, fuelled by the hope for betterment and spiritual fulfillment. 

That shadow work, as it is often called, is necessary if we want to EXPERIENCE wholeness. The question is: what is our angle?

Our first impulse is to do everything to get rid of these unwanted guests.

What if we tried a different approach?

What we call shadows are just parts of ourselves that long to return to the light. Long to be welcomed back, acknowledged, and celebrated. 

This is difficult from a perspective of self-improvement. Because self-improvement, by definition, is unaccepting of the present. 

We get trapped in the illusory dance of light and shadow. The move towards the light becomes a great escape or a journey in self-flagellation. We inflict pain on ourselves because we are not (yet) good enough.  

We don’t understand why adversity strikes. We don’t know how to use it. 

We can use each moment toward the evolutionary advantage of all when we are no longer pushing. 

When we are no longer working with effort, but instead with conscious awareness, we start to understand WHY we are where we are and can begin receiving the GIFT in any situation. 

It may look ugly on the outside, but it is not ugly.  

The Healing Rays have been my saving grace when I could not be the all-loving parent to these forsaken parts of myself. I lacked the acceptance, compassion, and deep understanding of how to welcome them. 

Healing Rays opened me up more, pointing me back to my origin as an unending being of light. 

They taught me to hold acceptance, compassion, truth, love, and other SOURCE PRINCIPLES as a stable state of consciousness. 

They helped me receive what is already there: EXPERIENCE ONENESS as a living principle, instead of trying to create experiences of oneness. 

If the Healing Rays resonate with you, it would be an honour for me to do a session together – as distant healing or in person.

With love,
Guru Deva

The sessions will be DONATION BASED for the entire month of June 2020 because I believe they are a most valuable tool to move through current times. 

Healing Rays:

— To become aware of what needs to change, and then change it — BEYOND DOUBT

— To renew your love of being alive

— To give back to life for all she has given you

 — To identify and viscerally become aware of your unique talents and gifts

 — To develop the clarity and commitment to offer your talents to the world

If you want to book a session, please send me an email at gurudeva@me.com and indicate a day that is good for you. 

I will then get in touch to confirm the date and time with you.