My Shocking Realization about Subconscious Belief

Report of a shamanic journey into self-love and healing the inner child

Many years ago, around the same time that I started kundalini yoga, I joined in a shamanic ritual that was truly life-altering. But it also put me at a crossroads. Would I continue the shamanic or the yogic path? 

From the yogic point of view, back then, it wasn’t possible to do both. I opted for yoga almost by accident, but the shamanic approach has always continued to attract me. 

Recently I engaged once again in a shamanic ritual. A ritual that was so healing for me, and I don’t use that word lightly, that I could shout it from the rooftops. 

Normally one shouldn’t speak about these things too much. But I want to share it with you in writing as an act of love.  

It was about the inner child. 

At the beginning of my kundalini yoga journey, I was once massaged by a close friend. And I couldn’t take it.

I felt like a child. And I felt so ashamed of that little child that I could no longer face my friend. Our companionship withered soon afterward. So ashamed. 

She said: “Often something tiny is touched through the massage.” But I put that little boy away then, and did away with childish things. 

Why this little boy inside is so connected with shame, I have no rhyme or reason. I don’t know. Don’t know if anything happened. But the pain seems to come from miles away. And this was almost twenty years ago. 

Last year I did a coaching session with the amazing folks from Realize Us. Again the importance of my inner child came up. It became crystal clear to me once more that I need to work with him. And with ‘work’ I mean: love. 

But the connection I established with the help of these friends/coaches was a thread too difficult to follow on my own. My approach is often cerebral, and I just couldn’t connect. I couldn’t find a way to him. 

Until, as I said, I engaged in this shamanic ritual about a week ago.

I did not go into the ritual with the inner child especially on my mind. But I had meditated a lot in the weeks preceding the ritual, received the healing rays, followed a special diet, and felt very very clear. 

When we began, the shaman asked us for three words to indicate our intention for the ceremony. Mine were:

1. Self-love

2. Self-love

3. Self-love

In that order. 

I had spent a lot of time before the ritual refining my intention. I wanted to get rid of self-destructive behaviors. I mean, since I live a healthy yoga lifestyle, self-destructive behaviors are no longer the ones that will potentially kill me. 

No, these days, they mostly consist of distractions that don’t serve me; actions that fulfill mental and emotional needs but have little to do with actual underlying biological needs, or even spiritual ones.

I realized that the more I ‘need,’ the less I can do what I ‘want.’ In my case, it is a more prolific production of music, text, and teaching. I wanted to use the ritual to change that balance and inhabit my power more fully. 

On the first evening of the ritual (I won’t go into detail), I became aware of the boundless needs of my flesh. Became aware of the hunger, the raw desire for being loved, and held. It was suddenly so present, such a gasping lack of love. I also wanted to go to sleep, to no longer be present. But of course, I could not sleep. The medicine was coursing through my veins. 

In my quest for self-love, what the medicine showed me was this exasperating neediness, the cry of the wanting flesh: love me, hold me, embrace me. 

The second night was completely different, yet a continuation of what went before. In the ritual, I went deeper and deeper inside, until I found myself at the wellspring of life. It was like a luminous lotus flower, and I felt like a wondrous child, present at the mystery of the beginning of life itself. And everything was light. And rather bubbly.

At the same time, as I connected with the origin of all life, I was also connecting with the little boy inside. And for a moment, I could hold him, like a father would hold his son. I could love him, and I no longer felt shame. He was me, and I was him. And we merged for a moment, although theoretically, we had never really been apart.

And at that moment I realized, perhaps for the first time in my life: I AM LOVED.

My eyes get wet still, remembering that moment, and my heart goes soft. 

But after that came the shock. “But I thought that was IMPOSSIBLE.”

I don’t know how to overstate this. After realizing that I am loved, I also realized that I have literally believed, for all of my life, that it was impossible to be loved. 

I never understood that. 

Sure, I sort of vaguely knew that self-love was important and that my wrestling with it was the key to my success (or lack thereof) in multiple dimensions of my life. I got that.

 But I never realized that I LITERALLY believed that I could not be loved.

Funny thing is, I have always been interested in ‘beliefs’. Even wrote a thesis about it. How we come to believe things subconsciously. And how we continue to act upon these unexamined beliefs. 

But never have I experienced and recognized a subconscious belief so tangibly and concretely. How, if such a belief can come to light, if the light can shine on it, its stranglehold on a person can be loosened.  

I suspect the shockwave of this realization of self-love will continue for a while, and my heart will open and close a few times again. But this experience now, is another solid signpost on my journey home, and I am so grateful to have been able to receive it. 

What a weird newsletter, huh? Not many wares to peddle. I just wanted to share a remarkable experience.

I wish you well on your journey. I love you.



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