How I broke the Law of Attraction

I, too, used to obey the Law of Attraction. But no more! Here is how I get away with that.

Last year, oh I remember it well, ’twas the first day of January. Every year on the first day of January I draw a card from my Aleister Crowley Egyptian Tarot deck. I draw one Card, no more, per year, as I ask: “What will this year bring me?”.

The card I drew that day was this one:

The most dreaded card of the deck

In an explanation somewhere it says: When you get this card you’d better hope that your question was: “What’s going to happen to my worst enemy?”

So the year got off, spiritually speaking, on the wrong foot.

People tried to reason with me. They said: “You can always draw another Card.” But that, folks, is not how it works.

I tried to reason with myself. I said: “Maybe there’s something I should learn from this. Perhaps I see myself as a failure and this Card is telling me that. Maybe once I see it, I can start to overcome it, and so on and and so forth and blah blah blah blah blah.

The sad truth is, dear reader, that it was then that stuff started to go wrong in my life. I failed my driver’s license for the fourth time. My spiritual teacher got accused of sexual misconduct, costing the yoga training I teach in it’s license. My website got hacked. I fainted because of too much pranayama and ended up in hospital.

I felt like that guy from that song that posts a love letter to that girl. But the letter is returned in the mail and he has to pay postage on top.

In short: it’s been a catastrophy. And I blame it all on the Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction? Well, if you’ve ever opened a self help book, or even spoke to anyone who has dabbled in spirituality, you will know that the Law of Attraction is the one Law that you can never get away from.

It is the Law that says you get what you put out beams for. That no matter what it is that you keep in mind, this is what you are attracting in your life. Whether it is good or bad, fortune or misfortune, you will inevitably pull those things to you that you are paying attention to.

Needless to say, ever since I got that failure Card, I have been trying to get away from this.

I think I finally found a way. It goes like this: I believe that the Law of Attraction is not operational in my life, thereby effectively rendering it useless. That it is me, and not the Law of Attraction, who decides what happens around here.

I call it: The Law of Freedom. I am glad I found it.

I am also glad the year is almost over….

I wonder what next year will bring?

Perhaps something like this:

Fiery guy huh?