I have a dream…

January and the energy of the 1.

The new year is upon us. We’re 15 days into 2022 while I am writing this. It is the birthday of Martin Luther King. Hence, the title, honouring him, and the gift of the 1, which he embodied.

This first month of 2022 has given us initial glimpses of what is to come. The month of January is always an interesting one. Often we feel pulled into opposite directions: The urge to start and the longing to rest. To be still.

January carries the energy of the 1 and, therefore, certainly gifts us with a sense of confidence and optimism that all we dream of can be made manifest. That is what we feel if we allow the Creative Spark of the 1 to touch us – receiving its Divine Inspiration deeply into our energetic make-up. Some of us have crystal clear insights of what is unfolding, some of us a vague sense of opening and change to come. 

Dream Big. Allow the creative spark of the 1 to touch you.

And we want to start. No more aimlessly drifting. This year that is the inherent promise of the 1, we will live up to our New Year’s resolutions. This year we will make the changes long overdue. We will not linger in self-imposed limitations and nagging self-doubt. 

Indeed, this divinely orchestrated prompt to move forward is beautiful. It is the moment of the birth of the light within you. So never dismiss what you sense is possible – and follow that!

A vision comes from the heart not the mind

Let me add a few things to consider, though. First, beware not to confuse the musings of your mind with receiving a vision. Often parts of us that feel not appreciated, misunderstood, or unworthy wish for us to be a certain way or proof through our achievements that we are ‘a success’. A true vision is birthed from your sacred heart where these parts are fully acknowledged and honoured but do not serve as your guiding principles. 

I certainly remember when I wanted to be ‘somebody’ and set goals accordingly. What happened is this: I felt slightly exhausted by the end of January, followed by a wave of frustration in February – as there was no apparent progress, even though I kept on pushing. And then, when March arrived, the sprouting season, my little plant had already withered before it could even see the light of day. And I kept dreaming of better days, soldiering on. 

The good news is, there is another way. Do not ever put your dreams on the back burner. 

Dream big. Smallness will exhaust you.

Just learn a new way to tap into the power of your vision truly. 

In a nutshell, it is this: A vision can never be too big. ‘Greatness’ is its very essence. It comes from the heart, which is the sacred portal of our consciousness. A place of ultimate expansion, if you want.

The moment we receive the vision into our hearts, it ignites a spark. It supports us in holding the vision in all its sometimes overwhelming ‘immensity.’ This inner light lets us take the necessary steps to keep moving towards what we have been shown with compassion and patience for ourselves and others. 

The steps to get there can be as small as they need to be. Small steps do not imply that you have to downsize your vision. They are just the visible pieces of a giant puzzle to unfold. The thing is, you cannot see all the details yet. And you do not have to. Just keep walking in the direction of your vision. With every choice you make, you will honour your initial impulse urging to be expressed.

This is the spark of the 1 propelling us forward. 

Do not rush. Stillness is essential to moving with intention.

What about the strong longing to rest we often feel in January? It is an essential ingredient of any movement. What is without rest will not endure, says Ovid. All intentional action comes from a place of stillness. The 1 cannot be divided as it holds stillness and movement equally. 

Because it is always already complete, it does not need to go anywhere. Before we create, it is vital to remember that we are enough. Feel the fullness of our Being at any moment. 

So, January offers an interesting dynamic to explore. Maybe you have a look at what is best for you at this time to balance these two energies. Do you need more rest? Is it time to come into action? How can you balance yourself at any moment so that you do not lose touch with the Divine Spark within you?

Here are a few prompts on how to work with the energy of the 1

  • Make a vision board. Not goals you want to achieve. Put pictures, colours, words and feelings that truly light you up.
  • Set an intention for 2022. Make this is your guiding line for all choices you make. Be aware of the power of choice you have at any moment. Even the smallest choices contain great creative power.
  • Do not be attached to outcomes. Instead, follow the prompts you receive from a place of stillness. Allow yourself to be led and trust the power of the Universe/the Divine to work things out in the best possible way – even if you cannot see this yet.
  • Observe nature. Be in nature.
  • Call for assistance from your Higher Self, your soul, or whatever ‘higher guidance’ you wish to connect to, to be shown the way. You might want to ask: What does my soul want me to do today?
  • Ground, ground and then ground some more. Every seed first grows roots.
  • Cultivate presence.
  • Call on resources, synchronicities, and opportunities to support you and know that you are never alone.