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The Heart Comes First, Always.

Nothing is ever lost. All can be forgiven.

Nothing is ever lost. All can be forgiven.

Good to meet you. Let's get to know eachother.

Guru Deva and Gurprakash both have decades of experience leading yoga trainings, retreats & workshops. Transformative work is at the core of all we do. Because, essentially, we and you, and all of us, are alchemists. Each one of us is a magician in her own right. You have the capacity to transmute whatever life presents to you into opportunities of growth and connection.

To nourish the alchemy within you represents the very act of creation. Birthing yourself beyond conditionings in harmony with all of life, is the expression of your infinite potential.

With Heart First Yoga we seek to create a context where more empowering ways of being can be explored, the ones that encourage compassion, generosity and connection, acknowledging that we are all part of the great web of life. And if one of us grows we all grow.

We, Gurprakash and Guru Deva, have birthed ourselves into new lives many times - from copywriter and agency owner, making music and writing books, to running a yoga centre, to helping build a spiritual school.

We love to bring people together. Because sharing and joyful gathering brings out the best in us. And that the Heart comes first, always. Together we’ve founded Heart First Yoga,  a container for genuine encounters of the heart.

We greet you with much joy. Let's meet heart to heart.




Gurprakash Singh

Gurprakash is a musician, writer and teacher. A forward thinker, he is not afraid to question anything at any time. That makes for a refreshing encounter with a big hearted man and revolutionary spirit. And there will always be a dose of good humour and Dutch directness added to the mix.



Guru Deva Kaur

Guru Deva is a yogi, a dancer, a writer, a teacher. She loves to spin unconventional yarns from the fabric of mundane existence. With her elevated, yet emphatic teaching style, she has helped many students to break through their self-imposed limits.

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