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Yoga and Sex

Yogi Bhajan talks about, yoga, sex and emotions, and how the mind must be capable of producing trust. This is done through applied consciousness as we find in Kundalini Yoga. We must identify not with this or with that, but with totality. The mind can do this, and mind and happiness are completely related, and…

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You have the choice to be happy or miserable

In this lecture Yogi Bhajan talks about the power of kundalini and teaches exercises to overcome weakness. Powerful kriya. Yoga for the heart center, circulation and nervous system. At the end there is chanting Sa Ta Na Ma. Also he introduces a purely hatha yoga posture, and in the last exercises he puts all the…

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Healing Video with Yogi Bhajan

‘Herbs heal, God cures and a doctor diagnose’. This is an oldie but goodie in which yogi Bhajan talks about the effects of sickness on meditation, mudras, energy balance, prana and habits. He also shows how to massage the lymph areas, and the parathyroid and the thyroid. The transcript of what he says is made…

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