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Achieving Kundalini through Hatha Yoga

Learn Kundalini Yoga through the medium of Hatha All yoga aims to raise the kundalini. But different yogas are just different in the way that kundalini is approached. The method of yoga that comes to us through the famous teacher B.K.S Iyengar is what is typically, classically considered to be hatha yoga. You may know…

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Sex and Bone Health

Yogi Bhajan talks bout yoga, sex and bone health. Also, how too much sex before a certain age can bring more or less permanent damage to the brain. He also talks about menstrual problems, and problems of the gonads of american women around 35. They have problems they should not have until they are much…

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Yogi Bhajan Breakthrough Yoga Kriya

Yogi Bhajan talks about the four ways we destroy our happiness: By wanting to be appreciated, by refusing to be lonely, by wanting to make money and by lying. He then teaches a wonderful kriya that is about feeling your own boundaries and that will bring you in touch with your own reality. Thanks to…

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Yoga and Sex

Yogi Bhajan talks about, yoga, sex and emotions, and how the mind must be capable of producing trust. This is done through applied consciousness as we find in Kundalini Yoga. We must identify not with this or with that, but with totality. The mind can do this, and mind and happiness are completely related, and…

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