Welcome to the crowdfunding page of Gurprakash's upcoming album 'The umbilical cord'

This music deserves to be heard

Much of what I have to give to the world is expressed in this album. It's the best thing that I have ever made (so far).

It is unique but accessible music, created to inspire and uplift, and to assist in the global shift in consciousness that is needed at this time.

This album will help connect you with who you really are, and serve as a friend that will accompany you on the journey home.

Funding Rewards

  • For a donation of 25€ (or $30) you will get the full album NOW as digital files. And when the music is mastered and officially released, you will also receive those new files.
  • For a donation of 50€ (or $65) you will get the full album NOW as digital files, and the mastered versions upon release. And you will ALSO receive a physical cd, signed by me as a personal 'thank you'.
  • For a donation of 100€ (or $125) or more you will receive the prerelease and mastered digital files NOW and the signed physical CD.

  • You will ALSO receive exclusive access to the online course in Fundamental Relaxation that I have created earlier this year. That course will teach the valuable skill of relaxing in your being, by connecting with the bodies, emotions and elements. Good stuff!

With the "Story behind the Album" video (below) learn about the details (it also explains what the donation money will be used for), and use the donation form at the end of the page to donate with credit card.

If you want to donate via iDeal, Sofort or Multibanco, WePay, or another local payment gateway, head over to the official Gofundme Campaign page


You can also use paypal to donate any amount you like (please use the word "crowdfund") when you send money. The paypal address is