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Kundalini Yoga Awakening Teacher Training

This Training is for you if you want to...

  • Make better sense of your experiences
  • Access your inner power
  • Understand the keys to creating lasting change
  • Shift your priorities for good
  • Discover a deeper dimension in your life
  • Ground yourself in your body
  • Shift from mental understanding to embodied knowing
  • Gain the confidence to teach others
  • Share your inspiration
  • Practice a lot of kundalini yoga!
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What the training is all about…

A Year of Inspiration, Expansion, Healing, Connection

The Kundalini Awakening Teacher Training Level 1 is a program for spiritual growth and teacher certification. It opens you up to a radical sense of aliveness.

Are you ready?

... to belong to yourself more fully
... to be touched by your uniqueness
... to move towards what you sense is possible in your clearest moments ...

Grounded in the practice of Kundalini Yoga and ancient wisdom teachings, this course guides you through a process of deep transformation with spirit as your guide. It lays the foundation for a more permanent commitment to positive change.

You will gain the self-knowledge and  confidence to create a meaningful and inspired life, make a difference in yourself and the world around you.

It’s the time for Humanity, every single one of us, to resolve our past stories, traumas, dramas and illusions.

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Wherever you may be starting from ...

The teachings will meet you where you are at

The training is open to everyone, no matter your previous experience with yoga or spiritual practice.

For example ...

▷ You are at a turning point looking for ways to open up your life. You ‘ve never done yoga or any spiritual practice but you are open to try in order to navigate the waters of change.

▷ You’ve done some classes, followed some workshops here and there. You’ve had some amazing experiences with yoga but somehow it doesn’t stick. You'd like to make it a more permanent practice and you'd like to understand the context of what happened for you better.

▷ You’ve practiced Kundalini Yoga for some time and you know how powerful it is. Now you are ready to dive deeper, learn more about this ancient technology, as an exploration for yourself and/or to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

▷ You have a steady practice of yoga and meditation. You’ve explored different styles and traditions. But there is a nagging feeling that there is more to discover. You are looking for ways to align your yoga practice and your life experience.

▷ You are a yoga teacher. You know your stuff. But you’re not sure how to add more spirit to your classes to offer more depth and meaning to your students.

▷ You are a coach or mentor of some sort. You know that movement, breath, meditation can be powerful tools to create real shifts in people. You are looking for a practice that's easy to learn, apply and share with your clients.

▷ You live your life through a deep connection with spirit. You are looking for ways to cleanse and vitalise your physical body to  anchor the new frequencies in the physical.

And maybe you just have this strong sense of "this is for me" or a completely different motivation ...

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Teaching Team

Meet the teachers


Guru Deva and Gurprakash have decades of experience leading transformational yoga trainings & workshops. Both have birthed themselves into new lives many times - from copywriter and agency owner, making music and writing books, to running a yoga centre, to helping build a spiritual school. They love to bring people together. Because sharing and joyful gathering brings out the best in us. And that the Heart comes first, always. Together they’ve founded Heart First Yoga.

Heart First Yoga in association with Amritnam Sarovar

Amrit Nam Sarovar today is a worldwide network of Kundalini Yoga practitioners. It offers teacher trainings in kundalini yoga, as well as a other courses for the human/spiritual evolution. The School, founded by Karta Satyavari, is a learning community beyond territory and culture, rooted in the traditional Yoga of the Raj. Serving the teachings for over 35 years has revealed a living path to creativity and collective guidance.

Guru Deva

Guru Deva is a yogi, a dancer, a writer, a teacher. An ancient soul in the body of a modern mystic. She loves to spin unconventional yarns from the fabric of mundane existence. With her elevated, yet emphatic teaching style, she has helped many students to break through their self-imposed limits


Gurprakash is a musician, writer and teacher. A forward thinker, he is not afraid to question anything at any time. That makes for a refreshing encounter with a big hearted man and revolutionary spirit. And there will always be a dose of good humour and Dutch directness added to the mix.

Training Framework | What you can Expect

Welcome. Wherever you are. Whatever motivates you.

The focus is on facilitating core shifts providing direct access to your OWN wisdom and knowing. It is YOUR journey. We are honoured to be your guides. Our job as teachers is to create an unshakeable connection to your inner compass. During our year together we will provide a framework for accelerated growth and learning.

  • 200 hours of practice and teaching in a group setting
  • 40 day yoga practices with specifically chosen kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to support you every step along the way. They will raise your frequencies and help build new energetic pathways.
  • We will study 21 Kundalini yoga Kriyas in depth. We show you posture by posture how energy moves and impacts your body and mind.
  • Mentoring sessions to ground the material and integrate your experiences
  • Powerful tools to sustain and deepen your awakening. To identify and transform limiting beliefs and heal old wounds
  • Guided practices to complement your learning
  • Kundalini Yoga Teaching practicum & tools for teaching
  • Upon completion of the course you will be qualified to teach Kundalini Yoga.


Where? When? How Much?

Practical Details & Registration


Berlin Kundalini Yoga Awakening Training Dates 2019

26-28 April (weekend)
20-23 June (4 days)
20-28 July (France)
30 Aug-1 Sep (weekend)
11-13 Oct (weekend)
21-24 Nov (4 days)

Weekends go from Friday 19.00 to Sunday 17.00
4 days go from Thursday 11.00 to Sunday 17.00
France arrival is after 17.00 on 20 July, departure 8.00 on 28 July


Berlin - details forthcoming

The week in July will be held in the French Alps, close to Grenoble at Domaine Le martinet.

If you have any questions at all before signing up please get in touch with Guru Deva



There are two payment options.

1. Single payment
If you pay the entire course fee before the training starts, you get a discount of €100 euro.
Total cost: €2700

2. Instalments
Pay a deposit of €500 upon registration
Pay 5 instalments of €460 on or before the following dates:
20 June
20 July
6 Sep
17 Oct
21 Nov
Total cost: €2800

Other payment schedules can be discussed. Please get in touch at

Register here