Power for Change

In this kundalini yoga workshop you will activate the whole physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system to initiate change.


In addition, you will learn - not unimportantly - how to keep this change going.

The realization of people who engage in consciousness work is this:

"If I want things to change in my life, I will have to go inside and first fix things within myself. Because if I don't change myself, I will always get back into my life that which I unconsciously attract."

That realization is the tipping point.

So change yourself, change your world.

But HOW?

The Teachers


This workshop will be facilitated by Gurprakash (l) and Guru Deva (r), who have been helping people transform for more than 15 years.

Change, how do you do it? And how do you keep it up?

Everyone who has ever tried to break through a deeply ingrained pattern within themselves knows: it's one thing to understand what's going on, but quite another to know how to deal with it.

Watching a youtube video or reading a book won't get you there.

Really important patterns elude our daily awareness. They also elude our mental understanding. Knowledge is not enough.

To break deep patterns we must activate our entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system.

We do this through kundalini yoga.

In the kundalini yoga workshop: Power for Change you will learn how to do that.

But also: how to stay with it.

Because instigating change is not enough. You have to stay with it to make the change happen.

There's a lot to learn about that.

How do you provide yourself with daily access to the power to accomplish that change completely within yourself? That's what it's about.

Are you looking for a powerful total method to break patterns that don't serve you? Then register now for this workshop.

What will you learn?

What is your investment?

The workshop costs €67, if you register before December 15, 2021.The regular price is €87.

When and where is the workshop?

January 16, 2022 at 10:30 am in De Appelschuur in Dussen (Breda Region).

De Appelschuur is a yoga center in the countryside at the small river 'De Dussen' between Breda and the nature reserve Biesbos. There is plenty of parking space. With public transport you go to Hank and from there we will pick you up.

Mi Yoga / De Appelschuur
Hoek 10
4271 AC Dussen (close to Breda).


You can pay and register using the button below.