New Online Course. Be part of this exciting 4 week journey. START 21 FEBRUARY 2022

Struggling to connect the dots?

You know that growth is possible.


You are ready to look at it through the eyes of spirit more.

Ready to stop turning around in circles of self-doubt?


Join the Spirit Accelerator Course

Kick your intuition into higher gear and gain new perspective

Stop the questioning and make space for wisdom to pour through and connect to your soul deeper.
Set a new energy of love in place. Honour how far you've come.

Connect the dots and gain new perspective.

The Spirit Accelerator course is packed with practices and processes to open up  (more) to the medicine of spirit.

This spiritual growth course will give you access to your ‘inner navigation system’.

Over the course of 4 weeks you’ll come into energetic alignment with your spirit.
You’ll learn to support this shift through breathwork, energetic clearing and meditation.

During the process you will tune into the sensitivity of your heart, your purest source of inspiration and higher knowing.
This is the key to intuitively guide you to what is right for you NOW.

By the end of 4 weeks, you will experience more security within, a sense of trust in your direction and higher guidance.

Do you know this?

Something is missing

You left the corporate world, or you are thinking about it because you feel unfulfilled simply moving up the career ladder. You want to do something more meaningful with all the knowledge you have in a world that needs change-makers and creative spirits more than ever. But you are not sure where to start and which direction to take. You feel you need to turn a key, you have not turned yet and find it difficult to connect to that missing part.

You find it hard to focus and set priorities that serve your growth

Live is busy with your job, your family or serving others. You know that a regular practice to connect to yourself and higher guidance are beneficial. But there seems to be always something which is more important and a regular practice feels like yet another thing you need 'to do'.

You turn around in circles of self-doubt

You feel trapped in your own life and habits of coping with life. You start something, then self-doubt creeps in telling you: "What if I cannot do it? Are my dreams not impossible dreams?" This creates a lot of inner pressure, anxiety and self-judgement which deflates you even more. You do not know how to break the circle, that keeps you stuck.

You find it hard to be consistent and  pull through 

You feel excited when you break through old patterns in the moment, yet disheartened and confused when you get knocked back into old patterns. When everything goes well, it gives you a lot of confidence. If things do not go as expected, you doubt yourself. You struggle with trusting the process and persevere with what you have been guided to do.

Join The Spirit accelerator course and establish an inner framework for growth

To hold sacred space for yourself

how to commit to your own development, ground yourself in a solid practice, integrate what you've learned, honor and trust your own process

The Dynamics of Spirit and how to work with it

Spiritual Laws and their application as key element of your practice. The importance of intention.

Powerful tools to transform and balance your energy

Kriya, meditations, affirmations to lift your vibration, light technology, space clearing and cleansing rituals

To listen to and trust your own guidance

Journaling, deep listening, daily routines to receive from your Higher Self

Do you want more peace, connection and trust in yourself and the world around you? Then join the 4 week spirit accelerator course and deepen your connection with your Higher Self.

Questions? Here are answers.

Who is this course for?

This course is for women and men who want to understand how to care (more) for the needs of their spirit, soul, and Higher Self to experience greater empowerment, greater confidence, and greater potential.  You know about the power of spiritual connection, or you are curious to experience this for the first time to live your life more creative and self-directed.

How is the course delivered?

The course will be delivered within a closed Facebook group. It will partially be live online.

You can join from any part of the world.

Every Monday at 11am CET  the module for the respective week will be posted in the FB group.

You can watch the videos and do the assignment in your own time.

Every Thursday between 6 - 7 pm CET (Amsterdam time) I will go live
in the group to answer your questions.

From when to when will the course run?

The course is now closed for registration. Get on the waitinglist to be the first to know when we open again.



I am honoured to guide you.

Guru Deva

My name is Guru Deva. I am a spiritual mentor, teacher and healer.

Transformative work is at the core of all I do - seeking to create a context where more empowering ways of being can be explored, the ones that encourage compassion, generosity, creativity, and connection. Because essentially, me and you, and all of us, are alchemists.

And from the depth of that knowing and 20+ years of experience, I offer guidance as fuel for soul growth.

Let me show you that there is a way. Always.

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