Struggeling to connect the pieces?

Join the Spirit Accelerator Course

You know that growth is possible.
You are ready to look at it through the eyes of spirit more.
Ready to stop the questioning and make space for wisdom to pour through and connect to your soul deeper.
Set a new energy of love in place. Honour how far you've come. Connect the dots and gain new perspective.

The Spirit Accelerator course is packed with practices and processes to open up  (more) to the medicine of spirit.

4 days of live training online over a period of 6 weeks

3 Healing Rays Sessions to dissolve energetic blocks and limiting beliefs

The loving support and inspiration of mentors and community 

What you will learn

To hold sacred space for yourself

how to commit to your own development, ground yourself in a solid practice, integrate what you've learned, honor and trust your own process

The Dynamics of Spirit and how to work with it

Spiritual Laws and their application as key element of your practice. The importance of intention.

Powerful tools to transform and balance your energy

Kriya, meditations, affirmations to lift your vibration, light technology, space clearing and cleansing rituals

To listen to and trust your own guidance

Journaling, deep listening, daily routines to receive from your Higher Self

Dates and Investment

12-13 March
Start Friday at 4:30 pm, end Saturday at 6pm
3 April
Start 5:00 am with early morning practice, end 5pm
23-24 April
Start Friday at 4:30 pm, end Saturday at 6pm
3 Healing Rays  Sessions thorugh individual appointments
550 euros, or 3 instalments of 180 euros each

Reiki, Healing Rays, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Rituals

Guru Deva
Healing Rays, Kundalini Yoga

Questions? Send us an email at info@heartfirstyoga.